A Workbook for Parents & Teachers - Teaching Children with Autism and Developmental Delay using Flashcards
by Dr Felicity Adams (Clinical Psychologist)

This workbook is an essential tool for delivering an effective teaching programme to children on the autism spectrum. It can also be used for children with mild to moderate developmental delay and/or language and communication disorders.

The workbook encapsulates the fundamentals of teaching using flashcards. Flashcards can greatly assist the development of social, language and communication skills in these children.

The step-by-step teaching task sheets in the workbook, when combined with the flashcards, will allow you to easily and immediately begin your teaching programme, or add flashcards to an existing programme. Each task sheet provides clear direction, including suggested prerequisite skills, teaching goals and extension ideas.

Other contents: a description of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) and it's application in intervention programmes. A detailed chapter on direct teaching including the basics of reinforcement, prompting and generalization.

More information about the workbook is available from www.drfelicityadams.com.au.

Product Details

Paperback (Wire-O): 220 pages
Language: English
Dimensions: A4
Year: 2005


Used by individuals, associations and schools.

Flashcards Advantages

  • Easily incorporated into early intervention ABA programmes
  • Correct and unambiguous content
  • Tested and recommended by professionals
  • Exceptionally durable lamination

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"Sandy Winning's Flashcard System is unique. It demonstrate that enhancing a child's awareness and understanding of the world around them is the key to effective behaviour management in addition to cognitive and social development..." Dr Brendon Dellar

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