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Winning Connection now has two story books available in relation to children with autism. These books are a great tool for teaching children in the classroom about autism in a child friendly way.

Why Can`t Charlie Talk?
by Debbi Spencer

"Why Can`t Charlie Talk?" is a simple story about a young boy with autism who has just started school for the first time (ideal for kindergarten or pre-primary).

Product Details

Paperback: 30 pages
Language: English
ISBN: 0646437437
Year: 2004


Looking After Louis
written by Lesley Ely
illustrated by Polly Dunbar

"Looking After Louis" is a picture book about a boy with autism starting at a new school. A wonderful story about accepting people's differences with a positive ending (recommended for grade one and onwards).

Product Details

Paperback: 32 pages
Language: English
ISBN: 1845070836
Year: 2004


Used by individuals, associations and schools.

Flashcards Advantages

  • Easily incorporated into early intervention ABA programmes
  • Correct and unambiguous content
  • Tested and recommended by professionals
  • Exceptionally durable lamination

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"Sandy Winning's Flashcard System is unique. It demonstrate that enhancing a child's awareness and understanding of the world around them is the key to effective behaviour management in addition to cognitive and social development..." Dr Brendon Dellar

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