Winning Connection
Flashcard System

Two packs of flashcards.

The Winning Connection flashcard system is unique because it not only offers an exceptional product, but also a teaching solution. Parents and teachers can use the step-by-step guide in the workbook and the flashcards to begin teaching immediately. The Winning Connection flashcard system is designed to take the guesswork out of teaching essential skills and to help make teaching easier.


What are flashcards?

Flashcards are pictures or words on individual cards rather than numerous images on one piece of paper or card. They provide two-dimensional representations of a whole range of subject matter including objects, actions, places and people. As such, they allow you to teach things that would either be difficult or impossible to teach using the real item. They are usually of a size that can be easily handled.

How can the Winning Connection flashcards be used?

Teaching using flashcards allows you to clearly target the teaching objective. If used correctly, they can contribute enormously to a child's therapy programme and lead to significant gains in language, communication, pre-academic and social skills.

Booklet included with each pack.

These uniquely designed flashcards are an essential tool in any ABA or other direct teaching programme. They have been designed with consultation from professionals in the field and are made for clarity and durability. If you need specific assistance in learning how to teach and programme using these cards, you can purchase the Workbook from this site.

Who are the Winning Connection flashcards for?

The flashcards were originally developed for use in intervention programmes for children with autism spectrum disorder. Since the launch of the Winning Connection flashcard system the cards are now used all over the world in homes, centres and schools and with a wide range of children and adults, including those with developmental disorders, language, learning and communication difficulties.

What's unique about the Winning Connection flashcards?


Winning Connection flashcards were developed with professional consultation to ensure appropriate content. The flashcards have also been devised in carefully planned levels of difficulty so that they can be used from introductory through to more advanced programmes. The pictorial representations are clear and without irrelevant or confusing background information.

The flashcards are designed to clearly target teaching objectives. For example, if the goal is to teach emotions, the same person is photographed. In this way the only difference between the cards is the emotion being taught. If a different person was used for each emotion some children learn to differentiate the emotions using the person in the photograph as the cue rather than the emotion.

Each card is laminated and sealed for extra protection ensuring a long lasting durable resource ideal for schools and resource libraries as well as in the home.

The Winning Connection flashcards are a great time-saving resource

The availability of these resources has allowed parents, carers, therapy staff, teachers and allied professionals who are running intervention or teaching programmes for children, to channel their energies elsewhere. In the past, the responsibility for making flashcards has fallen on parents, carers, therapists or friends and has absorbed a great deal of time. The resulting cards have sometimes been ambiguous or of a compromised quality because of the complexity of the content needed.

Used by individuals, associations and schools.

Flashcards Advantages

  • Easily incorporated into early intervention ABA programmes
  • Correct and unambiguous content
  • Tested and recommended by professionals
  • Exceptionally durable lamination

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"Sandy Winning's Flashcard System is unique. It demonstrate that enhancing a child's awareness and understanding of the world around them is the key to effective behaviour management in addition to cognitive and social development..." Dr Brendon Dellar

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