Autism & Other Disorders

About Autism

If you would like to learn about autism you might find this paper by Stephen M. Edelson (OverviewOfAutism.pdf) interesting. The paper provides a general overview of the complexity of autism spectrum disorder by summarizing many of the major topics.

Autism & the flashcards

The number of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders is increasing as is the number of children accessing early intervention programmes. The availability and quality of Winning Connection resource materials has proven an invaluable tool for teaching these children critical language, communication and social skills.

Using the flashcards with other groups/individuals

Winning Connection flashcards were originally developed for use in intervention programmes for children with autism but are also appropriate and useful for older age groups and for individuals with other disabilities or difficulties. As the flashcards target the teaching of specific skills, they can be used for any individual with skill deficits in a certain area.

Winning Connection flashcards have been successfully used with individuals with:

  • Aspergers syndrome,
  • down syndrome,
  • global developmental delay,
  • mental retardation,
  • specific learning disorders,
  • language delay &
  • Alzheimer's disease.
Used by individuals, associations and schools.

Flashcards Advantages

  • Easily incorporated into early intervention ABA programmes
  • Correct and unambiguous content
  • Tested and recommended by professionals
  • Exceptionally durable lamination

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